Trocker Erich Works Esposition Competition Biography


As a child it was my fondest wish to become a woodcarver draw, mold and carve.

My dream was realized in 1989 and since then I have worked as a woodcarver in my workshop, carefully observing the subjects in my environment and developing my techniques.
Everyone views nature or the environment differently; I attempt to give life to things as I see them...animals, people in different situations..... characters. These are the subjects of my concern. I illustrate and interpret them in my drawings and in the media of wood, plaster and bronze.

My work evolves slowly, day by day, as I strive for individuality in every piece. Each creation is unique. I have sucessfully participated in expositions, symposiums and competitions in Italy and abroad.

born: 21.10.1966

1981 - 1984: vocational school for woodcarving in
Val Aurina ......(Prof. Oberhollenzer Jakob)

1986 - 1989: vocational school of sculpture Selva / Val Gardena.

1989: self -employed as sculptor participation on different model and drawing courses with art teacher Gotthard Bonell

1995 - 1997: art teacher of the southtirolian orphanage

2000: art teacher in Kirchseeon (GER) formation center